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  Port of Gdansk
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In severe winter conditions, it's business as usual for the Port

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In severe winter conditions, it's business as usual for the Port, without interruption


The freezing temperatures that have set in during the recent days failed to affect the regular operation of the Port. In order to avoid unexpected events, preventive measures have been taken.

As early as Sunday, 8 January, 2006, crafts owned by "WUZ" Port and Maritime Services, acting on the orders of the Port of Gdansk Authority SA, assisted the vessels calling at the Port of Gdansk in berthing at the quays. The decision to use tow boats was made by the shift dispatcher of the Port of Gdansk Authority SA in consultation with cargo operators. Such assistance has been rendered to the container carrier "Castor" as it was docking at the Szczecinskie Quay, the vessels "Grootdiep" and "De Hua Hai" in the Gorniczy Basin and "Globia" at the Wislane Quay.

In view of the continued severe winter weather, on Monday 9 January this year, at 1200 hrs, Sea Captain Wojciech Oziemski, a Harbour Master of the Port of Gdynia and, at the same time, head of the Ice Emergency Action on the Eastern and Central Coastline, has announced the launch of the ice emergency action in the ports. This entails that the exemption from using tow boats has been suspended. Vessels entitled to the exemption must currently use tow boats according to the port regulations. In addition, higher charges are levied for such services (so-called ice fee).

The adverse winter conditions notwithstanding, the cargo handling work is continued without interruption. On Tuesday, 24 January this year, twelve vessels were handled at the Port of Gdansk, with a transshipment volume of over 180 thou. tons of a variety of goods.

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