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Crane with a capacity of 100 tonnes

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The LHM 400 crane launched into operation


On July 19th this year, at Szczecinskie Quay, the LHM 400 lifting crane that had been acquired by Port of Gdansk Cargo Logistics was officially launched into operation. The crane had been supplied by the company of Liebherr-Werk Nenzing represented by: Werner Gonsior - Sales Manager, Markus Wittwer and Zalzgeber Kilian of Sales Department and Marceli Bednarek - Director of M.B. Import-Eksport. On behalf of Port of Gdansk Cargo Logistics attending the event there were: Jerzy Chabros - President of the Board, Stanislaw Jaworski - Member of the Board, Karol Bowzyk - Member of the Board, Zbigniew Szyfer - Director, Slawomir Wrzesniak - Director, as well as the representatives of the Development, Technical and Operating Divisions. Representing Gdansk Container Terminal Co. there were Krystian Klein - President of the Board and Tomasz Czernowski - Chief Operating Specialist.

The LHM 400 crane was acquired to enhance the operating machinery available at Szczecinskie Quay. Owing to its universal character the crane is suitable for handling containers, general cargoes and bulk cargoes. Use of a tire-wheeled undercarriage enables its swift drive towards a workstation at the quay or a storage yard.

This crane is the first in Poland to boast such excellent technical parameters:

  • maximum lifting capacity - 100 tonnes
  • maximum radius - 48 meters
  • maximum lifting height - 45 meters

The driving system that had been applied facilitates the revolving movement of the undercarriage, as well as the crane orthogonal and diagonal driving to a workstation. A diesel-hydraulic drive ensures an efficient and reliable operation - high speed is comparable with modern rail machinery. Further advantages of the crane include high level of an extension arm base assembly, immaculate driver's working conditions both in a lower and upper cage, air-conditioning and monitor-screening of the actual situation. This is the only crane to be equipped with a special cargo anti-swinging system. Additionally, a grabbed container positioning system had been provided. Servicing facilities situated at the Coast together with the phone monitoring system of crane operating systems directly through a Hamburg-based head-office guarantee the immediate identification any possible damage.