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Szczecinskie Quay - Containers

Ship length  up to 225 m
Operating quay length  365 m
Max. draft  9.2 m
Open stores  79,570 m2
Ship-to-shore gantry crane  40 / 60 t
Shore cranes  40 t
Gantry cranes  32 / 40 t
Straddle carrier  40 t
Reach-stackers  10 t
Mobile harbour crane  100 t
95 stations for refrigerated containers

In November 1998, the Gdansk Container Terminal (GTK) became operational at the Szczecinskie Quay. Owing to the consistently implemented policy that favours the client's interests and comfort, as well as the efforts to maintain high quality standards of services, Gdansk Container Terminal established its reputation as a friendly port. Major advantages of the Gdansk Container Terminal include: services that ensure client's quick and efficient contacts with administration offices and institutions, comprehensive terminal and depot holder services, a free zone facilities at the Port of Gdansk.

The terminal can service ships of a maximum capacity of 20,000 DWT. This quay can service ships operated in Lo/Lo and Ro/Ro systems. The terminal handled 8,510 TEU sea-borne in 2016.

The terminal is managed by the Gdansk Container Terminal Co., whereas services are rendered by the Port of Gdansk Cargo Logistics SA.

For further information please contact:

Gdansk Container Terminal Co.
[ More information ] [ Access gates ]
3 Na Zaspe Str., 80-546 Gdansk, Poland
Phone: (+48) 58 737 72 69
Fax: (+48) 58 737 72 75

Terminal operator:
Port of Gdansk Cargo Logistics SA
ISO 9001:2000
[ Access gates ]
6 Roberta de Plelo Str., 80-548 Gdansk, Poland
Phone: (+48) 58 737 63 00
Fax: (+48) 58 737 67 69

Tariff for services of Gdansk Container Terminal
[PDF document, 119 KB, Adobe Reader]

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